5 Mistakes I Made When I First Started Blogging

May 8, 2018

Working in the home office.

01 | Focusing on the tiniest of details

The first major mistake I made was spending hours upon hours perfecting every little detail. I wanted my homepage to look juuust right. I wanted narrower margins between images. I wanted sans serif fonts, dammit!

I would obsess over every little detail, trying to get the exact “look” I was picturing in my head. I once spent a couple hours trying to figure out how to remove one tiny little line underneath a post title. Talk about a waste of time!

Let’s face it, when I was first starting out, no one was even looking at my blog. So who cares if I used the default font for the time being? Who cares about making it look perfect? The most important thing should have been getting my content written and posted. Not worrying about the little details.

02 | Not posting consistently

The second mistake I made was that I wasn’t consistent with my posting schedule. When I first started blogging, I announced that I’d be posting on Mondays and Wednesdays. For the first few weeks, I was rockin’ and rollin’. I was posting consistently and proud of my dedication.

And then the fourth week came around and things went south. I missed one post… and then two. To make up for it, I’d post on a random day instead of the days I said I would. Pretty soon my whole blogging schedule was non-existent.

You want your readers to know when you’re going to post. Think of it like your favorite TV show that’s on air. You know for a fact that on Wednesday nights at 8 pm, your show is coming on. Imagine if the producers were inconsistent and said, “eh, let’s run it tomorrow at 2 pm instead”. I bet they’d lose a whole lot of viewers!

I’m not saying you can never miss a post ever. My current posting schedule is Monday through Thursday and I still miss some from time to time. All I’m saying is that a fairly consistent posting schedule will help your readership and people will return to your blog more often.

03 | I wasn't sharing helpful content

As a new blogger, I was constantly looking towards other big-name bloggers for inspiration. There was one in particular who I kept coming back to and whose style I really loved. She was posting a ton of personal, lifestyle type posts so I thought, “hey, I’ll do that too!”

Turns out, no one gave a hoot about my personal life.

There’s a reason her posts were succeeding and mine weren’t. It was because she already had a loyal following who were invested in her life. I realized I can’t just pop into the internet and expect people to find me interesting. So I started changing up my content. I started posting things that would help people; things that were informational.

Maybe down the line, more people will find my dinner plans interesting.

04 | My content was too general/broad

There are millions and millions of blogs online. When I was just starting, my topics were super broad. I ended up realizing that I wasn’t going to stand out by being just another lifestyle blogger. I needed something more specific.

That’s when I decided to hone in my topics and work towards being the go-to Wisconsin blogger. My hopes are that people come to Miss Northerner for Wisconsin lifestyle inspiration, midwestern travel ideas, and photography tips.

05 | SEO

I didn’t start taking SEO seriously until about 8 months ago. SEO stands for search engine optimization – basically, it helps people find your blog through organic search results. I can’t stress the importance of SEO and I wish I would’ve realized this sooner.

Take the time when you’re first starting out to research it, I promise it’ll help you in the future.