A Solo Hike in the Northwoods

May 9, 2019

I got the urge to go exploring the other day so I packed up my things and started driving. I ended up at this little lake in northern Wisconsin which I’ve been to a few times before. It’s one of my go-to places because it’s usually quiet and there’s nobody ever there. Plus, I’ve seen loons here before so there’s always a good chance of seeing them again.

When I arrived, it was fairly overcast and the wind had picked up a bit. But I didn’t mind! I really like the mood in these photos – I think they capture what spring in Wisconsin truly looks like.

There’s a small peninsula that juts out into the lake. Tall pines line the perimeter with a few openings that give a good view of the water. I stayed here for a couple of hours, photographing and enjoying the scenery. During the time that I was there, I heard both an owl and a loon! I couldn’t see the loon because he was across the lake but I was able to capture his call on my cell phone – listen to it here!

I really enjoy going on little adventures by myself every now and then. It makes me feel strong and brave even if it’s just local travel. Here are a few photos that I captured that afternoon.