Camera Settings & Explanations: A Visual Guide

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The Goal

Figuring out which camera settings to use can be extremely frustrating. When I was first starting out with photography, I was constantly searching for example photos. I’m a very visual person so being able to see a photo and the settings used would have been extremely helpful for me.

That’s why I decided to create this eBook. I want it to be a resource for you and to help you understand why certain settings work with certain photos.

Every photo in this eBook was taken by me and each photo will have the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO listed underneath, plus the day, time, and focal length.

In addition to these technical settings, there will be a detailed explanation of why I chose what I did. Having this explanation is a vital part of understanding camera settings.

Here’s the information you’ll have under each photo.

1. Aperture

Aperture, or f-stop, is the opening within your lens that can open and close. Adjusting your f-stop affects the light entering your camera and also the depth of field.

2. Shutter Speed

Understanding shutter speed can be the difference between a blurry photo and a sharp photo. Slower shutter speeds can create motion blur whereas fast shutter speeds can freeze motion.

3. ISO

ISO is your camera’s sensitivity to light or in other words, it helps you take photos in low light situations.

4. Day/Time

I will state the day and time that each photo was taken. This is important to know because lighting changes drastically depending on the time of day.

5. Focal Length

I will also state what focal length I used for each photo (ie. 50 mm)

6. Explanation

Last but certainly not least, I will provide a detailed explanation about why I chose the settings I did.

Here's an example taken straight from the eBook:

f/8 | 1/250 | ISO 320 | focal length 35 mm

Sunset, May 16th in Wisconsin, ~8:30 pm

The sun was casting a beautiful glow onto a farm in the distance. My main goal here was to achieve a deep depth of field so that the field and the farm would be in focus. I chose f/8, a larger f-stop, in order to make this happen. Remember, large f-stops create a deep depth of field. The focus goes deep into the photo.

Using f/8 caused the opening of the lens to narrow which significantly decreased the amount of light entering my camera. In order to combat this, I lowered my shutter speed to 1/250 which let in more light.

After adjusting my aperture and shutter speed, the photo was still a bit too dark, so I raised my ISO to 320 in order to brighten it up some more.


When will the eBook be available for purchase?

It will be available on Monday, June 11th, 2018.

Where can I purchase the eBook?

You’ll be able to purchase it directly from my shop.

How will I be able to pay?

You can pay through PayPal. Or, if you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use any major credit card. I use industry-standard SSL encryption site-wide to protect your credit card or Paypal details throughout the checkout process.

How much will it cost?

Only $9!

How is the eBook delivered?

Immediately after purchase, you will be able to download this eBook as a PDF.

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