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Do you ever look at a photo and think, “I wonder what camera settings they used?”

When I was first starting out with photography, I remember thinking that a lot. I’d snap a photo, it wouldn’t turn out and I’d sit there wondering what settings a professional photographer would have chosen. I had no idea where to even begin.

For me, it would have been really helpful to have some visuals.

That’s why I’m super excited to announce the release of my first ever eBook! In it, you’ll find a handful of my photos with my EXACT settings that I used listed underneath (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO). Not only that but there will also be detailed explanations of WHY I chose those settings, helping you understand the mindset I went through when choosing them.

This eBook will be only $9 and available for purchase on Monday, June 11th, 2018. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to keep yourself updated and hear about future giveaways!

Camera Settings & Explanations: A Visual Guide




A downloadable PDF with twelve of my photos.

Each photo lists the camera settings I used (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO)

Additional information is included such as location, day/time, and focal length.

Each photo will have a detailed explanation of why I chose the settings I did.
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