Fishing with Instagrammer Kaitlin Woodward

May 14, 2019

If you scroll through Kaitlin Woodward’s Instagram page, you’ll notice that she’s quite the skilled fisherwoman. Her feed is filled with photos of her and her husband, Josh, smiling at the camera and holding up some impressively-sized fish.

We had been following each other on IG for a while now but had never actually met in person. So the other month, when I saw that they had plans to visit Vilas County, I reached out asking if they’d like to meet up. I was met with an enthusiastic, “absolutely!” and a few weeks later, we had plans to go fishing.

This summer, they’ll be guiding fishing trips up here in the Northwoods so it was fun seeing them in action! And I can safely say, they’re the right people for the job. Not only are they experienced but they also have the right personalities – they’re patient, reassuring, and a blast to be around!

When Sean and I met them at the Plum Lake boat launch, we felt immediately at ease. It felt like we’d known them for much longer! We cruised around the lake, stopping at various spots. They helped us set up our rods and bait, and showed us the proper way to cast.

Kaitlin and Josh.

Their dog, Kimber.

Can you spot the two loons?

One thing that I really appreciated was how much they truly wanted us to have a good fishing experience. I could tell how hard they were working to make this happen. A few times, Josh would hook a fish and then hand me the rod so I could have the fun in reeling it in.

Kaitlin also taught me how to properly hold a fish! I have to admit, I had never held one before so I was a little squeamish (okay, a lot squeamish). But I did it and we had some good laughs along the way.

Kaitlin teaching me how to properly hold a smallmouth bass!

I did it!

A smallmouth bass.

What a catch!

This was such a fun day and we learned so much! I can’t wait for our next fishing adventure 🙂

To book a guided fishing trip with Kaitlin and Josh, call 815-742-0488.