Midwest Gardening

Growing vegetables and flowers in Zone 4.

Midwest Gardening Tips

This is the second post sponsored by RISE. All content and opinions are my own. Check out the first post here!I'm so eager to start planting some flowers and vegetables in my garden! But due to the chilly spring we’ve been having up here in Wisconsin, I probably won't...

My Upper Midwest Gardening Plans

There are two spots that I’m focusing on this year – the front flower gardens and the raised vegetable bed in the backyard. I’m so excited to be partnering with RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) for the second year in a row to help bring these projects to life!

4 Major Gardening Mistakes I Made Last Year

One time in college, my mom gave me one of her spider plants. As I hesitantly accepted the plant, she looked at me and said, “don’t worry, it’s really hard to kill a spider plant”. Fast forward about two months, and the thing looked like I had doused it in gasoline....

Starting Seeds Indoors

Even though we have snow up to our eyeballs over here, it’s time to start planning my garden! Which means, it’s time to plant some seeds indoors! Sean and I went a little overboard at Menards the other week and I now have thirteen different vegetables to plant; plus...

A Flower Farm Near Wausau, Wisconsin

Sylvia Green's backyard is bursting with color. Flowers I never even knew existed stretch out in rows, filling up every inch of her 3/4 acre property. She took me up and down each row, describing every variety of flower with astounding ease. Her cat Brynn danced...

Sprucing Up The Front Garden

I just realized that it has been a really long time since I shared anything about the house that Sean and I are working on together. I'd really love to start posting more about it so I thought today I'd give an update on the front flower gardens! Sean has had this...

Finally Planting Our Garden

Last weekend was spent planting our garden and doing lots of yard work at Sean’s house. He’s in the middle of a major remodel and the yard has been a little neglected lately. There was lots of cleaning up to do and a ton of weeds to be pulled, so we put on our work gloves and started tackling it!

Our Garden Plans, Part 2

Just the other day, Sean and I were able to get our raised garden bed set up in the backyard. We probably won’t plant anything outside until late May (once the threat of frost is gone), but until then we’re pretty much all ready to go! Here’s an update on our garden plans…

Our Garden Plans

Even though it so doesn’t feel like spring here in Wisconsin, I’m beginning to get our garden plans in order. I had the opportunity to work with RISE to bring awareness to their #ANDnotOR campaign.