My 3 Favorite Wausau Parks

June 12, 2018

01 | Bluegill Park in Rib Mountain

Bordered by Lake Wausau and located right in Rib Mountain, Bluegill Park is one of the more popular Wausau parks. There’s a little pond in the middle of it and picnic tables scattered about. It’s the perfect spot to look out at the water or have a picnic.

My Outfit

I recently bought this peach-colored polka dot wrap dress from Forever 21 for only $18! The material is super lightweight and really soft.

Ideas for Bluegill Park


Have a picnic

Gather up your picnic basket and blanket and have lunch under the big willow tree overlooking the pond.

go on a boat ride

Take advantage of Bluegill’s boat launch and head out on Lake Wausau in your boat or canoe.

02 | Oak Island/Isle of Ferns

Situated right near downtown Wausau, Oak Island Park is a crowd favorite.┬áIt overlooks the Wisconsin River and features a boat launch, some tennis courts, and a baseball field. If you cross over the big steel bridge, you’ll find yourself on Isle of Ferns – a little section of land in the middle of the Wisconsin River with various walking paths and stone bridges.

As of June 10th, 2018, there are swathes of blue forget-me-nots on Isle of Ferns!

My Outfit

This long skirt from Express is a new favorite of mine. I paired it with this ribbed, cropped cami from Garage Clothing.

Ideas for Oak Island


Go for a swim

There’s an area on the southernmost tip of Isle of Ferns where you can wade into the Wisconsin River. It’s fairly sandy and a popular spot to cool off. But be careful of the current!

play a game

Hit the tennis ball back and forth, play catch on the baseball field, or enjoy the open green space and throw the frisbee around.

03 | Robert Monk Botanical Gardens

This is hands down my favorite park in Wausau. Technically, it’s classified as a botanical garden but it’s a lovely green space nonetheless. Beautifully landscaped and tucked away down a residential road, Robert Monk is the perfect spot to get outside and enjoy your surroundings.

My Outfit

This satin dress from Express is the softest, most comfortable dress I’ve ever owned. The only negative about it is that it wrinkles quite easily (you can tell I forgot to iron it for this shoot…:))

Ideas for Robert Monk


Dust off your camera

There are so many things to photograph here. Capture the various flowers, the large pond, or the community garden.

take a quiet walk

I feel like every time I visit here, it’s so nice and quiet. There are a ton of paths that wind throughout the gardens, perfect for a relaxing walk.

bird watching

Rustle up a pair of binoculars and see how many different birds you can spot.