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September always feels like the unofficial start of a new year. Maybe it’s because the leaves are turning colors or the air starts having that crispness to it. Or maybe it’s the memories of starting a new school year; grasping onto a handful of shiny new notebooks with a whole year of possibilities ahead.

As an adult, it’s so much different. No longer in school, we continue on with our lives without a second thought. But why not make this month an opportunity to start fresh? Why not grab our shiny notebooks and look forward with bright eyes? So I’ll ask you this:

What types of things would you like to accomplish? What changes would you like to make?

From big goals to little goals, below are six things I’d like to accomplish this fall.


Goal #1: Travel somewhere to enjoy the fall colors

I missed out on fall last year. My mom and I were traveling around the UK and Iceland for an entire month and by the time we returned, all of the leaves were pretty much gone. So this year, I’m making a point to enjoy fall and immerse myself in this beautiful yet short season. With that said, Sean and I already have plans to go back to Door County this fall. Our reservations are made and I’m so excited!


Goal #2: Stop asking for opinions

This is something I’ve always struggled with. Ever since I started my blog, I’m constantly asking other people what they think about it. If they don’t seem as excited or impressed as I do, I’m disappointed by their response. I then find myself wondering what I should have done differently. First of all, it’s unfair to expect someone else to have the same enthusiasm as I do. Second of all, asking for opinions is good to a certain point but I need to remember that if I’m happy with it, that’s all that counts.


Goal #3: Be Consistent

Consistency is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful. This can be said about anything in life. If you want to be fit, you need to consistently exercise and eat right. If you want to learn a new skill, you need to consistently practice that skill. For me, if I want to be a successful blogger/photographer, I need to consistently write and post content.


Goal #4: Find a side hustle

Who wouldn’t like a little extra cash? I’m constantly planning little trips or finding props for blog posts, so having some extra income for these things is super nice. Some of my ideas so far: nannying, teaching English online, or creating an Etsy shop for my photographs.


Goal #5: Find a daily stress reliever

For me, this needs to be a quiet task – something that lets my mind rest without the distraction of screens. Some ideas I have are, writing in my journal, stretching for at least 15 minutes, or learning how to meditate.


Goal #6: Start saving for a house

Whoaaaaa this one’s huge. And probably the most exciting! I would love to find a place to call my own. I already have an idea of the location I’d like to be in as well as the style of house I like. Now I just need to work on saving for it 🙂