A Nature Inspired Wreath

December 17, 2018

I thought it’d be fun to try making a natured inspired wreath out of some trees from the backyard. I collected some blue spruce and some pine and then I added some faux eucalyptus sprigs that I had in the house. I bought a 16″ wire wreath frame from Hobby Lobby and some green floral wire.

From there, I simply made little bundles of branches. Each bundle had 3-5 pine branches and one blue spruce branch. I didn’t want the blue spruce to get covered up by the others kept it on top of the bundle (as seen below).

I wrapped each bundle tightly around the frame with the floral wire (I went around the frame about three times per bundle). I kept adding branches until I had made my way around the entire frame and then I added the eucalyptus sprigs at random spots.

Overall, I was happy with how it turned out! I like the simplicity of it. I do wish I would’ve had access to some juniper though; I think that would have been a good addition to the wreath. Maybe next year! 🙂