5 Tips for Photographing Animals

TIP 01

Get in Close

Try capturing the details of your subject by getting in close. Of course, this isn’t always easy since your subject might end up running away from you! This is when a telephoto lens might come in handy. A lens like this will allow you to stand back farther and zoom in to your subject to get the shot. This Canon 75-300mm telephoto zoom lens is an Amazon bestseller and super affordable.

TIP 02

Have Someone Help You

Grab a friend or family member and have them assist you. They could hold the animal (if possible), interact with them, give commands, dangle a toy for them to look at, or even be in the shot with them. For the two pictures below, I was struggling to photograph these puppies because the moment I set them down, they were running all over the place! Instead, I had my mom and dad each hold one. This way, I could have them stay still for a moment while I took a few shots.

TIP 03

Experiment with Different Angles

Play around with angles to get different perspectives. Don’t be afraid to lay on the ground and shoot from there! You’ll be surprised how being at eye level can add a lot to your photo!

TIP 04

Be Patient

My mom and I were traveling through Iceland and saw these two sheep standing in a nearby field. If I had just snapped the picture and left, I would’ve missed this moment when the white sheep turned his head perfectly to the side. Be patient and wait for little moments like this.

TIP 05

Use a Fast Shutter Speed

Most of the time, you’ll need to use a fast shutter speed with animals. Their unpredictability makes it tricky to capture their movement sometimes. A fast shutter speed will ensure they won’t show up blurry in your photo if they suddenly take off running or leap to the side.


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