An Early Morning Paddle

I've been checking the weather nearly every day, waiting for the right conditions to head out in the canoe for the first time this year. Yesterday morning was it. Full sun, no wind, ice-free, and the loons had returned... There was no way anything was stopping me. So...

Wisconsin Spring Photography Tips

For me, spring in Wisconsin is the most challenging time of year to photograph. It’s that span of time where everything’s brown, nothing is blooming yet, and things just seem plain old ugly. Here are my tried and true spring photography tips for making the Midwest look pretty this time of year.

First Impressions of the Sigma 150-600mm Telephoto Lens

After much deliberation and research, I finally decided to order the Sigma 150-600mm telephoto lens. I'm really excited about it because I've been wanting to get more into wildlife photography especially now that I'm living in northern Wisconsin. There are so many...

Top 4 Photo Editing Apps

This has been my main photo app from the start. I've had it for years and it's still the one I use the most! It's easy to navigate and I really like the look of their filters. I use VSCO mainly for my Instagram stories. I'll take a photo on my phone and then open it...

How to Turn Boiling Water into Snow

This winter, I was determined to try this whole boiling water trick out for myself. So early one morning, Sean and I got the water ready, grabbed the camera, and headed out to the lake. Here are some tips on how you can turn boiling water into snow (and photograph it).

Our First Flight with the Mavic Air

Last Tuesday, Sean surprised me with a DJI Mavic Air for my 27th birthday! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to play around with it so this past weekend, we had our first flight!

3 Reasons Why Your Photos Aren’t Sharp

Every photographer wants nice, sharp images. But sometimes, for beginner’s, that doesn’t always happen. Here are three reasons why your photos aren’t sharp (and how to fix them).

Memorial Day Photography Tips

Memorial Day is this weekend! It’s time to enjoy the weather, spend time with loved ones, and capture the memories for years to come. Here are three Memorial Day photography tips to give you some ideas on what to photograph this weekend.

Behind the Scenes with Miss Northerner

Today, we’re going to go behind the scenes to last nights photo shoot. I want to show you the ones that didn’t make the cut and how we ended up getting the shot above.

Wisconsin Photography Bucket List

There are so many awesome places around this state to photograph so I’ve come up a few ideas that’ll hopefully inspire you to grab your camera and go. Here is my Wisconsin photography bucket list!

My Most Used Camera Settings

For this post, I filtered through about 2,000 photos in my Lightroom catalog and determined that these are my most used camera settings.

How to Photograph the Northern Lights

Seeing the northern lights is one of the coolest life experiences out there. Here are my tips on how to photograph the northern lights.

Beginner’s Guide to ISO

ISO is one of the three main pillars of photography. I’ve created guides for aperture and shutter speed, so now check out my beginner’s guide to ISO!

My Beginner Photography Workshops

I thought I’d give you an inside look at my beginner photography workshops with a few photos I took during the last one!

Beginner’s Guide to Shutter Speed

There are three main components in order to achieve proper exposure: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO. In this beginner’s guide, I will go over shutter speed!

5 Tips for Winter Photography

It’s that time of year. Snowy trails, iced-over lakes, and bitter cold temperatures. Here are five tips for photographing this season.

A Guide to Depth of Field

Depth of field can be a tricky thing to wrap your mind around. Here I’ve laid out five tips to help understand it further.

Two Days Exploring Edinburgh

We kicked off the trip with two days exploring Edinburgh, Scotland. We explored the streets, visited some pubs, saw the famous Edinburgh Castle, had a pastry in a cute Scottish cafe, and even found the street that JK Rowling used as inspiration for Diagon Alley.

A Snowy Christmas Eve

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was really lovely. One of my brothers who lives in Denver came home for the holidays. He hasn't been home in about two years so it was great to celebrate as a whole family. He brought his puppy too! On the morning of...