Sunrise Kayak on Lake Nokomis

June 27, 2019

Getting up for sunrise at this time of year isn’t the easiest but the early morning views usually make up for it. It was about 5:15 am when I unloaded my kayak on Lake Nokomis, a popular lake near Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Lake Nokomis Info + Map


The lake is in both Oneida and Lincoln counties; a few miles north of Tomahawk, WI.



2,274 acres with a maximum depth of 33 feet.



Boat Landing #1

Access off Hwy N.

Boat Landing #2

Located off Point O’ Pines Road.

Boat Landing #3

Located off Nokomis Road.

Normally busy with fishing boats and waterskiers, there wasn’t a soul in sight as I glided out onto the glassy water. I was able to paddle around the islands and out into the bay without having to deal with any wake. One of the benefits of getting up early!

I’ve been absolutely loving my Eddyline kayak so far! It’s so nice being able to load and unload it myself. I paddle The Rio which is only 35 lbs., giving me the freedom to do things like this! I just strap it on top of my car and off I go!

It was such a nice, calm morning. I even spotted an eagle as I was paddling back!

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