My mom and I spent 16 days traveling around the UK. A lot of people have asked me where exactly we were during that time. So I decided to put together a little map to show the route we took. We rented a car and put on about 1,400 miles! Below the map, I’ve broken down the exact days we were in each location.

The Iceland itinerary is here!

final uk map


4th-6th: Edinburgh

6th-7th: Staithes

7th-9th: Castleton, Derbyshire, Peak District

9th-11th: Capel Curig, Wales

11th-12th: Lockerbie

12th-14th: Glencoe

14th-17th: Portree (Isle of Skye)

17th-18th: Calvine

18th-19th: Stirling

19th-20th: Edinburgh