Vegetable Garden Update

July 9, 2019

Its been a while since I’ve shared a vegetable garden update! Overall, I’m really happy with how its been going. Gardening has become one of my new favorite hobbies and each day, I look forward to walking outside and admiring the plants.

The peas and green beans have really taken off! They’ve gotten pretty tall and I’ve been wondering if I should get a little trellis for the peas to climb up. The pumpkins are doing really well too. I’m growing two different kinds – the classic “jack-o-lantern” type and the miniature “jack-be-little” type (these are the ones that fit into the palm of your hand, often used for decoration).

I also had planted two different types of cucumbers but something ate them all within the first few weeks 🙁 I’m guessing it was a rabbit since we have a lot of those running around our yard.


The tomato plants are getting really big and I’ve even found a few yellow flowers on them! Even more exciting, one of my jalapeno plants has two peppers on it! I’m hoping they produce a whole bunch because this fall, I’d like to try canning them. My sweet bell peppers are still pretty small but I’m crossing my fingers that they start picking up soon. I also have a few raspberry plants that my sister-in-law’s mom gave to me that are growing steadily.

One of the vegetables that didn’t do well this year are my onions! I planted a whole row and only one came up. I really should’ve planted bulbs instead of trying to grow them from seed.

My spinach is doing okay! Only a few of the plants came up and the rest of the row is empty. However, the ones that did grow are looking healthy, so that’s good news!

So with only a couple of setbacks, I think my vegetable garden is doing pretty great! I think I’m definitely going to expand it next year and Sean and I have even been talking about building a little greenhouse! 🙂

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