I’ve been wanting to get more into food photography lately so I started making a list of potential items to photograph. One of the things on my list was an angel food cake; a classic crowd pleaser. A few weeks later, I just happened to come across an angel food cake pan at a garage sale for the thrifty price of two dollars! I snatched it up victoriously and vowed to make this angel food cake as soon as possible.

Welllll the next week came and went and soon my cake pan sat on the top of the refrigerator collecting dust. Finally the other night I said enough is enough! I raced home from work, gathered up all of the ingredients, and rolled up my sleeves; preparing for this glorious baking night to commence.


I knew I needed 12 egg whites so I started with that. Also, I’m gonna be honest here, I’ve never separated egg whites in my entire life. Can I lie and say it went smoothly?

After about 10 minutes, I looked at the recipe again and noticed a section I hadn’t read previously. In big bold letters it said: EGG WHITES MUST BE ROOM TEMPERATURE.

Uh oh.

Mine were definitely not room temperature. I needed to figure out a way to warm them up quickly so I grabbed a shallow dish, filled it with hot water and gently placed my bowl of egg whites in the water. Phew! Crisis averted.

By the time the cake was done, it was nearly 11pm. I still needed to wait for it to cool before removing it from the pan so I covered it as best I could and prayed to the heavens that it’d be okay in the morning.

I awoke the next day as if Santa had come. Sprinting upstairs, I made a beeline to the cake and started attempting to remove it. To my delight, it came out perfectly! I left for work, pleased with my newfound baking abilities.

Later that day, I raced home from work to start the photoshoot. I had about an hour and a half of light left so I kicked it into high gear. I quickly made the whipped cream, gave the strawberries a rinse, and gathered up a few props. Even though it was a rush, this ended up being one of my favorite shoots!

Later that night, the whole family came over to enjoy it. You can always count on dessert to bring people together!


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