Welcome to my neck of the woods.

My name is Kristen. I live in the part of Wisconsin that a lot of people refer to as “up north”. It’s where you’ll find tall pines, quiet lakes, and longing loon calls. A place also called, the Northwoods.

I hope my blog inspires you to travel locally and to get outdoors. A few of the main topics you’ll find on here are Wisconsin travel destinations, snippets about my life, and lots of photography!

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Sunset on the Lakeshore

I think one of my favorite things about where we live is that we're so close to the lake. There's this big bay just down the road and at sunset, the trees light up a beautiful golden color. Geese, ducks, eagles, and loons are frequent visitors making it a great spot...

Fishing with Instagrammer Kaitlin Woodward

If you scroll through Kaitlin Woodward's Instagram page, you'll notice that she's quite the skilled fisherwoman. Her feed is filled with photos of her and her husband, Josh, smiling at the camera and holding up some impressively-sized fish. We had been following each...

A Solo Hike in the Northwoods

I got the urge to go exploring the other day so I packed up my things and started driving. I ended up at this little lake in northern Wisconsin which I've been to a few times before. It's one of my go-to places because it's usually quiet and there's nobody ever there....

Finding Swans at Spring Creek State Wildlife Area

Earlier this spring when I was researching good spots to go birdwatching, I came across Spring Creek State Wildlife Area. The WI DNR website states that trumpeter swans are common inhabitants of this 1,000-acre property so I just had to go check it out myself! It was...

My Upper Midwest Gardening Plans

There are two spots that I’m focusing on this year – the front flower gardens and the raised vegetable bed in the backyard. I’m so excited to be partnering with RISE (Responsible Industry for a Sound Environment) for the second year in a row to help bring these projects to life!

An Early Morning Paddle

I've been checking the weather nearly every day, waiting for the right conditions to head out in the canoe for the first time this year. Yesterday morning was it. Full sun, no wind, ice-free, and the loons had returned... There was no way anything was stopping me. So...

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