Wisconsin Photography Bucket List

May 16, 2018

Yesterday’s post was about my Wisconsin Summer Bucket List and now today’s post is a Wisconsin Photography Bucket List ūüôā Comment below if you think of something I should add!

1. Visit¬†Parfrey’s Glen,¬†a deep gorge cut through sandstone |¬†located within Devil’s Lake State Park
2. Practice bird photography at the Horicon Marsh, the largest freshwater cattail marsh in the U.S | southeast Wisconsin
3. Take a photo of a campfire.
4. Ferry across to Washington Island. Take the ferry over to the island and explore the many beaches and forests | Door County, WI
5. Wander through the sunflower fields at¬†Babbette’s Seeds of Hope | Eau Claire, WI
7. Photograph both the inside and outside of Holy Hill. | Hubertus, WI
8. Practice long exposure and photograph the night sky.
7. Kayak out to the Apostle Islands in the summertime or visit when they turn into ice caves (this is rare because conditions must be perfect) | Bayfield, WI
8. Practice long exposures at Amnicon Falls to make the water look velvety. Or, find a nearby river or stream and practice there | South Range, WI
9. Photograph the hot air balloons at Wausau’s Annual Balloon Fest | Wausau
10. Take a photo of a lake when it looks like glass.
11. Photograph your own backyard.
12. Capture the expanse of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior.
13. Wake up before sunrise and capture this beautifully random curvy road | Ellison Bay
14. Try your hand at landscape photography in¬†The Driftless Area.¬†Here you’ll find picturesque landscape with rolling hills, deep valleys, and sprawling fields |¬†southwest Wisconsin
15. Rib Mountain State Park. Take photos from the top of the hill, from the lookout tower, or from the quarry. Check out my Rib Mountain Guide here! Wausau, WI
16. Photograph the woods in Underdown Rec Area | Gleason, WI
17. Capture the quaint lakeside town of Bayfield.