Wisconsin Pizza Farms

August 20, 2018

When I first heard about this whole pizza farm thing, my first thought was,¬†sign me up! It’s such a cool and unique idea and it’s getting more and more popular here in Wisconsin.

I experienced one for the first time last summer when Sean and I went to Stoney Acres. This year, my parents joined us and we made an evening out of it. We laid out my great-grandmothers quilt, ordered some pizzas, and enjoyed the beautiful country views!

If you’ve never been to one before, I would highly recommend it. Below I’ve listed six Wisconsin pizza farms that you should definitely check out!


A to Z Produce & Bakery, Stockholm, WI | Tuesdays

Borner Farm, Prescott, WI | Fridays

Stoney Acres, Athens, WI | Fridays & Saturdays

Suncrest Garden Farms, Cochrane, WI | Fridays & Saturdays

The Stone Barn, Nelson, WI | Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Winghaven Pizza Farm, Galesville, WI |

The pigs might have been my favorite part. Look how cute they are!

I’m thinking next summer, I’ll have to do a pizza farm tour since most of them seem to be located in southwestern Wisconsin. Who’s in?! (P.S. hover your mouse over the pins on the map to see the farm name.)

A to Z Produce & Bakery

Borner Farm

Stoney Acres

Suncrest Garden Farms

The Stone Barn

Winghaven Pizza Farm